Conservatory Design

conservatories are excellent additions to any home. If you have idle space around your house, consider adding one as an extension of the interior space. You could use it in many different ways according to your needs. For instance, it could serve as a greenhouse if you would like to grow flowers and tropical plants. The environment inside a greenhouse is much easier to control for optimum harvests. This space could also be used as a sunroom and populated with comfortable furniture. You can spend a lot of quiet afternoons here or use it to entertain guests. Below are a few things to consider when designing conservatories in Birmingham

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Size and Shape

This will largely be dictated by the lay of the land. You will be limited by the size of your property as well as the layout of the yard. Despite these restrictions, you can design a great conservatory with a little bit of creativity. If you have a fairly large property, then you will have greater flexibility with regards to the size. This is traditionally connected to one side of the house so pick your spot and imagine it there. Anticipate possible issues if you go one way instead of another. Come up with the optimum dimensions for your particular needs.


Think about every element that will go into the space. Start from the bottom up. For example, what do you intend to do with the flooring? Are you content with a stone floor? If this will be used to house plants, then this may be good enough since you won't spend too much time in it. If you intend to turn it into a sunroom, then wooden flooring may be better because of its insulating properties. You can step on it without feeling too cold. Find a variant that is as durable as it is beautiful such as bamboo flooring.


The windows are a crucial part of this structure. Conservatories are meant to get as much light to the indoor space. It should be as if you are one with nature but protected from the elements. That's why the use of glass is extremely popular when building these. Wall-to-wall coverage is often desired for that open look and feel. However, this can result in problems such as insulation and high energy consumption. With the cost of energy, this issue is not trivial. The use of double-glazed windows is recommended for this type of project.


The roof is just as vital as it primarily protects the interiors from excessive sun, rain, wind and snow. A lot of people choose to build the roofing as if it were an extension of the walls and windows -- that is, it is also made of glass such that you can see the sky when you look up. If you decide to go this route, then be sure to get self-cleaning glass to reduce maintenance work. Remember that you can mix up the materials. Not everything has to be made of translucent materials so there is room for creative design. In fact, Victorian era sensibilities are still strong when it comes to the construction of conservatories.